Sleep Science

‘The Science Behind a Great Night’s Sleep’

There are thousands of beds and mattress to choose from, but not all beds and mattresses are made with the science of a great night’s sleep behind them. That’s why, here at Sleep Matters, we have chosen award winning, reputable UK manufacturers such as Harrison, Sonlevo, Sleepeezee, Millbrook, Healthbeds and Highgrove, who produce innovative and revolutionary products that not only improve the way we sleep, but transform it. Visit us at our West Yorkshire store, located on the outskirts of Huddersfield, and discover the science behind the way we sleep.

‘The Science of Comfort’

If you have done your homework, you will know that our mammoth mattresses are an innovative foam product. They have been clinically proven to enhance your sleep, deliver amazing postural support and offer greater pressure relief then standard memory foam products. All without being temperature sensitive!

So how do they achieve all this?…


Posture Cell Technology

Mammoth mattresses respond immediately to the weight and shape of your body, because they are crafted using zoned posture cells that move independently of each other – much like a pocket spring. Thicker cells are used to support the heavier parts of your body which enhances pressure relief and delivers a great night sleep. Posture Cell technology is also featured in the Mammoth pillows – relieving support on the head and neck.

V-Cut Castellation

Over the years, foam mattresses have gained a bit of a reputation for making you hot in bed. Mammoths Medical Grade Foam, however, is 69% faster cooling than your standard viscose foam mattresses. This is because, they feature air flow , or V-cut castellation, channels which are designed to disperse of moisture, allergens and heat. Keeping you dry, cool and comfortable whilst you sleep.


Sleep Science inside a Mammoth mattress.

‘Not Your Average Pocket Sprung Mattress’

At the heart of every one of the mattresses in our bespoke range are thousands of springs, which, are uniquely layered to adjust to your body whilst you sleep. These springs are key to the mattress contouring to your shape, alleviating pressure and keeping your spine in a neutral position throughout the night.  

What makes a Harrison Pocket Spring Unique?

The Revolution Spring

This award-winning spring truly is ‘revolutionary.’ Inside each Revolution Spring system there are two pocket springs, one inside of the other, that work independently. This exclusive system offers two variable levels of support, for the heavier and lighter parts of your body. This ensures you maintain the best possible posture during the night and eliminates any partner disturbance.

HD Springs

The more springs there are within your mattress, the more comfortable you will be on your mattress. But it can be difficult to comprehend how 15400+ springs fit into a mattress! Enter the HD spring. These springs are made from lightweight titanium alloy and are smaller in diameter and height than a standard spring. They adjust precisely to the contours of your body, relieving pressure, and help your mattress retain it’s shape over time.

HD Airflow Springs

These clever little springs are perforated, and so, with every natural pump of the spring, air is circulated throughout the inside your mattress. Due to their strategic placing, they direct air through the fillings and to the surface, helping your mattress to breathe. The springs work in conjunction with the inherent properties of the natural fibres, keeping you and your mattress, fresh and dry whatever the season.


The revolutionary spring and the HD spring



‘Clever Sleep Technology’

Fact: synthetics are not what they used to be. At Sleep matters, our synthetic bedding range contains Smartfil® fibres which has been glazed with a silicone layer. The glaze creates a silky soft feel, and enables the fibres to shift and shape around you as you move in your sleep. This clever coating also helps the fibres retain their loft and fluffiness throughout their lifetime – even after repeated washing!


Smartfil fibres used in bedding