Pillows & Duvets

‘We’ve got you covered’

Immerse yourself in pure comfort with our luxurious range of duvets, pillows, protectors and toppers. Choose from our superior quality natural collection or our highly breathable synthetics. All our samples are available to try in our Honley Store, located just on the outskirts of Huddersfield, so you can come and feel our quality bedding for yourself.

Synthetic Duvets

‘Clever Sleep’

If you suffer from asthma or any other related conditions, then you might consider choosing a synthetic duvet. We stock duvets which are made from Smartfil® fibres. For your convenience, they can be washed at 60˚C, the temperature that kills dust mites, without compromising their fluffiness and shape.


Natural Duvets

‘Natural From The Inside Out’

Here at Sleep Matters we believe natural fillings make for a better night’s sleep. Our range of natural duvets conform to EDFA standards, and feature a 100% cotton cover, which is available in our Four Seasons tog. Meaning you can achieve the perfect sleeping climate all year round.

Synthetic Pillows

‘Pillows That Will Never Let You Down’

All our synthetic pillows are designed to keep your head and neck supported – there’s that word again – and come in a variety of tensions. Thus, ensuring you always achieve the optimum sleeping position whilst cushioning your head in pure comfort throughout the night.

Natural Pillows

'Nestle Into Nature'

Despite being natural, all our natural pillow and duvet range is suitable for people who suffer with house dust mite allergies! They provide a luxurious cushioning, supporting your head whilst you sleep and are always encased in a 100% cotton cover – enhancing their breathability.

Toppers and Enhancers

'An Extra Layer Of Pure Ahhhh'

All our mattress toppers have comfort at the forefront of their design, and provide you with an additional layer of sumptuous padding. They are a perfect addition to any supportive core mattress, be it a new one or existing one!

Mattress Protectors

‘Rest Assured’

Mattress Protectors are a convenient and hygienic way of keeping your mattress good-as-new! We have carefully chosen our protectors to work in conjunction with the fillings of any mattress they are protecting, safeguarding your sleep.