Our Leading Mattress Brands

‘Chosen by Us, For You’

Buying a mattress is an investment you can’t afford to get wrong. That’s why here at Sleep Matters all our beds have been chosen for their excellent quality and only ever come from NBF approved UK manufacturers. Selected due to their commitment to, sustainably source only the finest ingredients for their products; and their dedication to delivering a truly restorative and comfortable night’s sleep. Visit our Honley Store, located just outside Huddersfield, to find out more.


‘The True Bedmakers'

Harrison are a leading UK manufacturer of premium quality mattresses and Beds. From drawing their own wire, to rearing their own selective breeds of sheep for their pure grade wool, Harrison do not just tailor beds – they tailor a good night’s sleep.

Harrison Heritage

‘When it Comes to Delivering the Perfect Night’s Sleep, We Never Rest’ ~ Harrison

Harrison has been a family business since 1889. Based in West Yorkshire, Harrison have been crafting their luxury beds for more than five generations. Every bed is handmade, by their skilled artisans, to your individual order. And, despite the wealth of knowledge and experience they have gained over the past century Harrison are continually striving to make their product even more sustainable, supportive and comfortable for you.


‘Award Winning Sleep’

The Revolutionary Spring is not all Harrison have won awards for. They have been honoured with not one, but two, Queens Awards for Enterprise and Innovation. They were also named the ‘UK Bed Manufacturer of the Year 2015/16’ and ‘Family Business of the Year 2016.’


‘Sleep Yourself Well'

Mammoth’s story began when it’s founder John Tuton worked in healthcare, providing medical mattresses for some seriously unwell patients. After suffering an injury, John had an eureka moment – he asked why anyone should wait until pain or poor health strikes yo get maximum rest and recuperation from their mattress. Mammoth was born with the aim of helping anyone sleep better, feel better and make the most of every day.

Mammoth - Get A Mammoth Night's Sleep

‘Be the Best Version of You’

Our Mammoth Mattresses are not just slept on by those with medical complications. Many of the UK’s leading sporting associations, such as Tottenham Hotspur, the British Athletes Commission, English Cricket association and the English, Irish and Welsh Rugby associations also choose to provide their members with a Mammoth Mattress because of the proven health benefits it delivers.


‘We Choose to Back Award Winning Products’

Mammoth have won commendation from the NHS innovations North ‘Bright Ideas in Health 2016.’ They were also acclaimed the winning company for their mattresses quality and design in the north of England ‘BioMedicine Industry awards’.

Highgrove Beds

‘Love Your Sleep’

Highgrove beds are based in West Yorkshire and they are one of the UK’s fastest growing bed brands. They are a privately-owned family run business with a dedication to providing a wide choice of comfort and support using the highest quality materials. Their flare and passion for innovation and technology ensures your sleep will be at its best.


‘Bringing You One Step Closer to a Great Night’s Sleep’

Highgrove delivers your tailor-made bed to our Sleep Matters store using their FasterSleep express delivery service. This means that your new bed can be delivered, by us to you, when you need it. Making Highgrove Beds the perfect choice for people who need a high-quality bed fast.

Smeaton Brothers from Healthbeds

'Making Sleep and Comfort Affordable for Over 120 Years'

The Smeaton Family have been making hand-made beds here in Yorkshire for over a century. Each mattress has been expertly crafted using traditional methods, whilst incorporating new innovative products. Our Smeaton Brothers collection includes natural pocketed, cooling gel, and comfortable latex mattresses in a range of tensions, so there is sure to be something that suits your individual needs.