Mattress Types

‘Me + My Mattress = Best Couple Ever’

Sleep does matter. It’s what keeps us happy and healthy and ready to face each new day. But the foundation of a greats night’s sleep is, of course, a great mattress. We have a huge range of premium quality beds and mattresses for you to try at our Honley Store. We are also proud to announce our new online mattress range Velocity from Harrison Spinks.

The Somnus Range

'Sheer Sumptuous Luxury'

Our Somnus range at Sleep Matters, brings you innovative luxurious mattress. Hand crafted by the artisans at Harrison Spinks, helping you to achieve the ultimate nights sleep. Exclusive fabrics, and modern headboard designs are available to choose from when selecting your perfect bed. Choose from a regular or firm tension and immerse yourself in the sumptuous pillow top

The Turn Free Range

‘All the Comfort You Desire Without the Need to Turn’

For those of us who don’t want the hassle of turning our mattresses – choose from our turn free collection. Featuring layers of soft and springy natural fibres, resting on the highly responsive core pocket springs. Simply rotate 180˙ degrees as recommended from time to time.

The Natural Seasonal Turn Range

‘Sleep Well Whatever the Season’

Every mattress in our seasonal turn collection is designed to keep you warm in winter, and cool in summer thanks to the generous layers of luxury fillings on each side. The winter side, has a warm wool blend closest to the sleeping surface, and the summer side features a cool cotton blend. Simply turn to suit the season.

The Pillowtop Range

‘Be Embraced by Your Mattress’

Our Pillowtop range is perfect for those of us who like the feeling of sleeping in our beds, rather than on our bed. Lavish layers of sumptuous fillings cradle your body as you sleep, whilst the core mattress springs offer all the support you need.

The Smeaton Range

Ultimate Comfort

Our Smeaton Brother Range has something for everyone. Whether you prefer natural fillings like cashmere or latex or want to experience cooling gel we have something to suit your individual needs. Choose from a range of support levels and different comfort options.


'Pressure Relief and Durability'

In our stores, we offer exclusive, instore only Sleepeezee mattresses, these mattresses are designed with the highest level of comfort in mind and are constructed with the best quality materials. One of the collections is produced with latex which offers pressure relief, durability and cooling air flow. The other collection is produced with memory foam which is self-moulding and envelopes your body for a feeling of complete relaxation and outstanding support.

The Sonlevo Range

'Float off to Sleep'

Our Signature range from Sonlevo, provides you with the UK’s first true gel mattresses. Offering the excellent pressure relief you would expect from a memory foam mattress, without the heat, enabling you to float off to sleep night after night.

The Nemoflex Range

'Solving Plastic Pollution'

Our Nemoflex mattresses from Millbrook Beds features Smoothtech technology. Whilst these mattresses perform in a similar way to a traditional tufted mattress, but provides a smoother sleeping surface. Nemoflex mattresses are 100% recyclable, so you can sleep soundly, knowing you are doing your bit for the environment.