Mattress Types

‘Me + My Mattress = Best Couple Ever’

Sleep does matter. It’s what keeps us happy and healthy and ready to face each new day. But the foundation of a greats night’s sleep is, of course, a great mattress. We believe in the importance of trying before you buy and have a variety of beds in our Honley store, located outside of Huddersfield, to suit your individual needs.

The Turn Free Range

‘All the Comfort You Desire Without the Need to Turn’

For those of us who don’t want the hassle of turning our mattresses – choose from our turn free collection. Featuring layers of soft and springy natural fibres, resting on the highly responsive core pocket springs. Simply rotate 180˙ degrees as recommended from time to time.
From £449

The Natural Seasonal Turn Range

‘Sleep Well Whatever the Season’

Every mattress in our seasonal turn collection is designed to keep you warm in winter, and cool in summer thanks to the generous layers of luxury fillings on each side. The winter side, has a warm wool blend closest to the sleeping surface, and the summer side features a cool cotton blend. Simply turn to suit the season.
From £499

The Pillowtop Range

‘Be Embraced by Your Mattress’

Our Pillowtop range is perfect for those of us who like the feeling of sleeping in our beds, rather than on our bed. Lavish layers of sumptuous fillings cradle your body as you sleep, whilst the core mattress springs offer all the support you need.
From £649

The Luxury Seasonal Turn Range

‘Sleep Like You Mean it’

Our exceptional Luxury Seasonal Turn range is tailored by artisan bed makers to meet your exact requirements. With all the benefits of a natural seasonal turn mattress, only the finest fillings such as Egyptian cotton, cashmere and angora are used. Featuring 15400+ intricate spring systems that offer unrivalled support.
From £1,499

The Dunlopillo Signature Collection

'Holistic Levels of Inspired Luxury'

Our 100% pure Latex mattresses are designed to deliver deeper comfort, offering a truly unique and restful sleeping experience. Dunlopillo Latex is renowned for its durability, breathability and providing excellent postural support throughout the night, no matter your preferred sleeping position.
From £949

The AdvantEdge Collection

‘Not Your Traditional Pocket Sprung Mattress’

Our AdvantEdge collection, features supportive pocket springs encased by a high-density latex or gel foam. The latex and Gel is designed to contour to your bodies shape and keep your spine aligned as you sleep, all the while keeping you cool and effortlessly comfortable.
From £679

The Performance Collection

’Promoting Healthier Sleep’

Our Performance Collection is made using high specification Medical Grade Foam and is designed to keep you cool, comfortable and supported as you sleep. Plus, every mattress has the added convenience of an integrated washable cover! These Mattresses are perfect for you if you suffer from a bad back, stiffness in your joints, or if you simply want a mattress with the science behind it.
From £749

The Adjustable Collection

‘Flexibility at the Touch of a Button’

Whether its reading a good book, enjoying a nice cup of tea or simply getting in and out of bed, our adjustable bed range is perfect for you. We stock premium adjustable mattresses from the leading brands, Mammoth and Dunlopillo. These mattresses contour seamlessly with both the adjustable base and you, to deliver an effortless, restorative and brilliant night’s sleep.
From £1,329