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Copper Mattress – Our New Mattress from Highgrove Beds

Why a Copper Mattress?

We are always on the look out for the most innovative products that are designed with sleep in mind. So, we are especially excited to introduce our Copper Mattress range from Highgrove Beds. 

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This material is an essential nutrient in our body and it offers many health bodies. It also has huge benefits when used in a mattress. By infusing copper with foam, Highgrove have been able to create a mattress that offers a cool, clean and healthy sleeping surface.

Is a Copper Mattress in Anti Inflammatory?

Athletes have long since used copper bracelets and copper socks to help with joint pain. This is because Copper help reduce joint inflammation and arthritis due to it being essential in the formation of connective tissue in the body. 

What are the Anti Bacterial Properties of Copper?

Copper can help prevent bacteria from living inside your mattress. Copper works to actively prevent the growth of bacteria and various fungi. This can help to prevent odours from developing and keep your mattress clean. Studies have shown that copper has anti-microbial properties and offers beneficial effects when exposed to humans. 

How does Copper Benefit Your Mattress

Highgrove have developed the mattress with coppers anti-microbial properties in mind. The copper creates a film of protection on top of the foam which is closest to the sleeping surface of the mattress. This process also adds another level of support to your mattress. The copper will support the heavier parts of the body aligning the spine whilst you sleep. 

Aide Recovery 

Copper can also aide recovery by improving blood flow by maintaining iron levels, and reduce the build up of lactic acid in your muscles. By incorporating copper in the mattress it can improve recovery rate whilst you sleep at night. 

Copper and Heat

Copper is one of the most conductive materials on earth, with conductivity 20,000 times higher than that of conventional polythene foam. When copper particles are placed within the cell structure of the memory comfort it allows heat to escape resulting in a cooling effect. Overheating while sleeping is never good and it is recommended to be 16 -19 degrees Celsius in the bedroom. If your mattress is too hot it is likely fighting against you to get a better night’s sleep. 

By adding this innovative Sleep Technology to your mattress, Highgrove have been able to allow you to reap the benefits of a clean, cool and comfortable night’s sleep. The material is not only anti-microbial but can also help with arthritis. Plus, it is the perfect addition for any bed that wants to be cooler and cleaner. 

Copper Sleep Mattress available at sleep matters in huddersfield