Sleep Comfort

‘Luxury Must be Comfortable, Otherwise It Is not a Luxury’

You may find you are more comfortable lying on top of a firm mattress or, you may prefer the sumptuous feeling you get lying on a softer mattress. No matter what your comfort needs, our beds are designed using only the finest natural fillings or the latest innovative foams, which are sure to meet your comfort expectations – whatever they may be! Visit our West Yorkshire Shop, located on the outskirts of Huddersfield, to experience our full range.

‘We Know Our Fillings’

Here at Sleep Matters, we believe that natural fillings make for better fillings! That’s why all our pocket sprung mattresses only feature the finest hand-picked natural fibres, which are chosen for their distinct properties. Delivering you the sleep of your life.

Fillings that provide comfort in a mattress

‘Keep Calm and Keep Cool’

Achieving the right sleeping climate is crucial to a great night’s sleep. Flax, Hemp and Cotton, can help to deliver the right temperature because of their highly absorbent properties. They are also all inherently breathable and resistant to moisture and mildew – which is perfect for keeping you cool and dry whilst you sleep.

‘Naturally Supportive’

Sheep’s Wool, Horsehair and White Curled Hair, are all durable springy fibres. They work with the pocket springs in the mattress to support you whilst you sleep. Sheep’s wool is also inherently fire retardant meaning there is no need for potentially harmful chemicals to be used in our mattresses.

‘Sumptuously Strong’

Just hearing the words silk, cashmere and mohair invoke images of pure luxury in our minds. Whilst they do play an important role in delivering indulgent layers of comfort these fibres are also highly resilient. Creating a sumptuous cushioning you can count on night after night.

‘Durable Comfort’

Latex is a natural material that is sourced from the rubber tree. As well as being supremely comfortable and hypo-allergenic, it is also incredibly hard-wearing, which can extend the life-span of your mattress by up to three years past the Sleep Council’s recommended 7 years!

natural fibre used in layers of luxurious fillings

‘Home Grown Beds’


Our bespoke range, is made from fillings grown on Harrison’s North Yorkshire farm. Which means, each filling meets the exacting standards of quality, we expect from a premium mattress. You can also take great comfort in knowing that when you buy a bed from our bespoke range it is as sustainable as possible, helping us all to sleep a tad easier.

Home grown fillings adding a supreme amount of comfort to your mattress

‘Bespoke Made’

‘Fillings where you want them’

Our beds are tailored to your precise requirements, meaning you are in complete control of everything, from fabrics to fillings. Most of our Seasonal Turn Collection features a winter side and a summer side – which is determined by the layer of fillings closest to the sleeping surface. However, if you tend to sleep a little warm in bed we can tailor your mattress to feature two cool sides.