Sleep Accessories

’Everything you need to sleep soundly’

Drift off in a cocoon of comfort, with our range of plump pillows, cosy duvets, and versatile mattress protectors. You will be guided through our plush bedding range in our Honley store, located on the outskirts of Huddersfield. And receive all the relevant expert advice you need to know about TOG ratings, support and temperature control.

‘Lay your head’

Pillows play an important role in maintaining our posture throughout the night, which is key to achieving a great night’s sleep. That’s why all our pillows, whether you choose from our synthetic or natural range, come in various levels of support, and have unique properties to suit your individual needs. Why not visit our Honley Store and try them for yourself!

woman sleeping soundly - sleep matters good sleep guide

‘Protecting your investment’

As unpleasant as it is to hear, we lose up to a pint of moisture every night into our mattress, and can shed over 400g of dead skin cells into our beds per year! Not to mention any accidental spills that might occur. That’s why we always recommended purchasing washable mattress and pillow protectors. From luxury quilted waterproof to the finest deep fill cotton protectors, we can give you peace of mind.

protecting your investment - drinking tea in bed.

‘For Sleep that is both Cool and Cosy’

Climate can affect the quality of our sleep, so we recommend choosing products that are never heavy and always breathable, which are of course, are inherent properties of our natural products. But, these are also properties found in all our synthetic bedding range which has a dual performance, much like sportswear.  It is devised to keep you warm, wick away humidity whilst still feeling incredibly lightweight.

‘Seasonal Sleep’

Choosing the right Tog can be tricky! The general rule is; the higher the tog – the warmer the duvet. Our duvets are available from a 4.5 tog, which is generally considered a summer duvet and continue all the way through to a 13.5-tog, keeping you toasty in winter. We adore our Four Seasons Tog, which consists of a 4.5 and a 9-tog duvet which can be buttoned together ensuring the perfect sleeping climate all year round.

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