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What You Should Know About Co-sleeping.

Baby asleep in Moses basket for co-sleeping blog

The NHS does recommend keeping your infant in the same room as you until the age of 6 months. Having a Moses basket or some form of crib in your bedroom can significantly reduce the risk of SIDS, and you may find that your baby settles quicker with you being in the room. This is considered a perfectly safe way of co-sleeping with your baby.

The NHS strongly advise that your new-born is not in the same bed as you. Especially before 6 months. This is for the safety of the child and acts as a precaution against over-heating or suffocation.

However, should you choose to sleep in the same bed after this period you should consider the following advice.

Do not Share a Bed When…

  • Sharing a bed with the baby smokes.
  • If anyone sharing a bed with the baby has been drinking alcohol
  • If anyone sharing a bed with the baby has ingested any medication that makes them drowsy.

Smoking around or near a baby can increase the risks of SIDS. Drinking or taking any medication could increase the risk of rolling onto the baby leading to suffocation.

mother and child sleeping in bed together

Do not Have the Baby Sleep near…

  • Pillows, blankets or throws that could cover the baby’s face.
  • Any other children or pets
  • Anything they could become trapped in
  • Something they could fall off

The recommended sleeping surface for a baby is a firm mattress away from loose bedding and fabrics.

We implore all our readers to consult the NHS guidelines on co-sleeping and contact their midwife if they are unsure on how to sleep safely with their children.

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