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Lucid Dreams

What are Lucid Dreams?

It is thought that up to 55% of Adults have experienced lucid dreams. So, what exactly are they? Essentially this is where you can achieve a state of consciousness whilst being in a dream state. To put it simply you are awake in your dream.

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What Happens in Lucid Dreams?

In a lucid dream the sleeper may be able to control certain events and direct characters and movements to a certain extent. However, this is not to be confused with dream control. 

Dream Control – dream control is the practice of acting out dreams when you are awake. The reason for this, is so that the sleeper can attempt to manipulate what their dreams will be. This can have many benefits. For instance, practicing a skill in your dream can be proven to improve that skill in day to day life.

Who is likely to have this Type of Dream?

Whilst anyone can have a lucid dream, some research has suggested that those who are experiencing high stress and anxiety may be more prone. It has been also theorised that those of us who tend to be more creative may be more susceptible to having lucid dreams also. 

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