Pink bed showing which is the best colours for the bedroom

Best Colours for the Bedroom

What Affect does Our Bedroom Colour Have on Sleep?


Lets explore the 5 best colours for the bedroom. Different colours can have different effects on our mood and temperament. For instance, using more pastel and muted tones can evoke a sense of calm and promote tranquillity in the space. These sorts of tones are therefore ideal to use in the bedroom.


What Colours are Best to Use in the Bedroom

pink bed - calming colours in bedroom

Pink – Stick to pastel and warmer tones rather than bright pink. Pink is often depicted by our brains as a sweet and non-threatening. If you feel it would be too much on the walls, try adding accent pieces. If you crave a calmer environment after a stressful day at work, consider pink for the bedroom.

Hestia Bollin Bed in Blue available from Huddersfield showroom

Blue – For lots of us a gentle blue wave can invoke images of the ocean which can bring a sense of calm. Consider blue if you want to create a sanctuary of serenity in the bedroom.

Green – Choosing the right shade if green can be a great way of bringing the indoors outdoors. Choosing more muted tones such a sage or a richer olive can again promote mindfulness and peace.

Bespoke Handmade Alexander Bedframe available from Sleep Matters in Honley. displayed as a lifestyle image in neutral fabric

Beige – Beige is back! And its anything but boring! Choosing a neutral bedroom is a timeless way of achieving a bedroom that invites a warm and inviting environment. It can also make it much easier to pair another décor piece in the room.

Hestia Pillow Bedframe in Grey available from Huddersfield showroom

Grey – In the same way that beige can offer the perfect backdrop to any piece of furniture, so too can grey. Adding slightly more warmth than bare white walls. Grey can create a welcoming space in the bedroom. Try to opt for warmer tones rather than cooler to stop the space from feeling too stark.

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