Image of Harrison Mattress and bed with a realistic animated sheep standing in front of it

Harrison Mattress at Sleep Matters

Why A Harrison Mattress?

Here at Sleep Matters we are proud to stock mattresses and beds by local British companies. Thats why we stock the bespoke range from Harrison Spinks. A Harrison Mattress does not begin life in a factory, but on a 300 acre farm in North Yorkshire. Harrison was Established in 1840, and is a family business with a passion for making premium beds, that work with the planet, not against it. 

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Image of Harrison Spinks Farm with the prize sheep standing in a field


Why Harrison Think Natural Fillings Make for a Better Mattress

When it comes to crafting a great nights sleep, Harrison’s ethos is that natural fillings are best. Carefully selected fillings such as home-grown hemp, flax, and wool from prize sheep are layered into hand-crafted mattress to provide you with the ultimate night’s sleep. 

Natural beds have many advantages, cooling cotton helps to control your sleeping climate, and rich wool wicks away any moisture. Treat yourself to more luxurious fillings as you move up the range such as; alpaca wool, cashmere, hand-teased horsehair and so many more. Each Mattress in the range has its own unique feel, but can be ordered in a tension which suits you. 

Image of the Natural Fillings Used in a Harrison Mattress

Innovative Sleep Technology 

A Harrison Mattress is not just packed full of beautiful fillings, but also incorporates the thousands of springs.  After all, the secret to a beautiful nights sleep lies in the springs.

Our bespoke range features the revolutionary spring. Made from British steel, and incorporating an inner spring to support the heavier parts of your body, offering the ultimate support. As well as the revolutionary spring, a Harrison mattress includes layers of  Posturfill and HD 4K micro springs – which adapt to your body as you sleep. 

Snapshot of the springs within a Harrison mattress. Focusing in the Cortec spring

Harrison is always finding ways to improve both the sleep quality you can expect from a premium mattress and the mark the family business leaves on the planet. This year Harrison launched the Cortec Springs – the ultimate in sustainability and comfort. This ground-breaking, high-tensile spring means that there is no need for glue in a Harrison Mattress. No glue, no foam, no chemicals, no landfill.  These springs can be found in our Pillow Top range in store and our online velocity range