British Farmer Adam Henson, dressed in blue and black, posing with a lamb in front of a backdrop of Hay. Promotional image for the New Adam Henson Bed Collection in partnership with Harrison Spinks

The New Adam Henson Bed and Mattress Collection

The new Adam Henson bed collection has arrived and we could not be more excited. Adam Henson has joined Harrison Spinks to create a bed that celebrates British farming and heritage all the while giving you the ultimate nights sleep. 

Beautiful Image of Adam Henson Camden bed range. Blue wool fabric headboard with deep red cushions and faux fur throw. Featured in a country style interior

What Makes an Adam Henson Bed and Mattress Special?


Wool is at the heart of the Adam Henson bed and mattress. And, there is plenty of reasons why it should be. Wool is amazing – here are just a few of its properties:

  • 100% Natural
  • Inherently fire retardant and anti bacterial 
  • Sumptuously soft 
  • Super springy

But its not just this about wool that makes the Adam Henson range by Harrison Spinks so special. This range uses the wool from rare indigenous breeds such as, The Cotswolds, Romney and the whiteface Dartmoor. 

The importance of using the wool from these breeds is not just from that it is supreme amongst British wool, but that is helps to conserve these breeds. These breeds are part of British Heritage and that is something both Adam and Harrison take seriously. 


As well as rare breed wool, the Adam Henson collection features some of the finest fillings to ensure luxurious comfort while you sleep. They include:

  • Cotton 
  • Kapok
  • Alpaca Blends 
  • hand teased dark horsehair 
  • Yorkshire wool blend.

When it comes to making a traditional pocket sprung mattress, Harrison Spinks is one of the best. Each Adam Henson bed is individually crafted by artisans using time-honoured techniques. 


Another hugely important part of the Adam Henson Mattress is the support it offers. At the heart of any mattress the focus should be on support. And Harrison have always had support at the forefront of their design. 

Introducing the CortecTM  spring by Harrison Spinks. 

Snapshot of the springs within a Harrison mattress. Focusing in the Cortec spring

These highly responsive springs combined with layers of HD, Microlution and Posturfil springs provide the ultimate support and comfort. These springs help to reduce pressure points when you sleep and eliminate roll together when sharing a bed. 


We have three of the four Adam Henson models available to view in our Honley store, along with the the beautiful range of wool headboards and divans. 

To learn more about this beautiful collection contact us or visit us in store. You can also visit Harrisons website for lots more information.