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Our Top 3 Mattress Tips

Support, temperature and comfort — our top 3 tips for a magnificent mattress

Sleeping soundly is the golden ingredient for good physical and mental health.

And a great mattress is the holy grail of healthy sleep — but sifting out the best from the rest when there’s so much choice is a conundrum.

But we’re here to whisper sweet mattress advice in your ear — make your selection based on the three components of support, temperature and comfort and you’ll be snoozing in no time at all.

Let’s dive underneath the duvet for a deeper dig on the top three tips for a magnificent mattress.


The mechanics of your mattress affect how supportive it is.

So a pocket spring model from our AdvantEdge collection’s a good pick for a couple sharing a bed — the separate springs encased in gel foam adjust to the different weights and shapes of each sleeper. They’re also slightly more breathable than some memory foam alternatives.

But if the body-hugging brilliance of memory foam really appeals to you, we stock models that support the curvature of your spine without making you too hot — offering the best of both worlds.


Once you’ve selected the right type of supportive mattress you’ll need to consider comfort — different grades of firmness are available for each type of supportive mechanism.

If you sleep on your side or constantly switch positions, a soft mattress is best — your body already adapts to align your spine so all you need is a mattress that moulds around it.

A medium to firm mattress is perfect for snoozers who sleep on their backs because it provides excellent lower back support.

But if you sleep on your front, suffer from back pain or have a heavier build, a firm mattress keeps your back comfortable and steady without you sinking into discomfort.

And don’t forget to size your mattress precisely — a little extra space is especially welcome for couples.


Your body heat dips to its lowest level while you’re sleeping — so a room temperature of 16-18°C is warm enough to keep you cosy and not too cold for you to struggle to sleep.

But your mattress type can also affect the temperature, so this is something to take note of.

We sink into soft mattresses, so more heat is trapped because airflow around the body is restricted.

And some firm mattresses are cooler because the air flows more freely around our bodies settled on top of them — but this is mitigated in models where containing materials that mould around the body to trap heat.

Latex mattresses are reasonably hot, but pinholes can make them more breathable.

And last but not least is memory foam — their high-density composition can create lots of heat, but gel-infused or plant-based versions are cool enough to provide the perfect blend of support and optimal temperature.

Our sleep experts can help you find the ideal mattress formula combining support, temperature and comfort.

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And when you’re ready, visit our Huddersfield showroom to find the right mattress for you!