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The Importance of Having the Right Base for your Mattress

You’ve purchased the ideal mattress from our collection, knowing that it can provide you with an excellent night’s rest.

So that’s job done, right?

Not quite. While having the right mattress can provide you with a solid 40 winks, sticking with the same old base could leave your comfort less than optimal.

The reasons for this are simple.

Think of your bed as being similar to a house. The quilt covers are your insulation, the mattress is your comfort and the base is the foundation which keeps the operation ticking over effectively.

Because of this, there are a few tell-tale signs that your bed base needs replacing. Here are three:

1. Your bed base is sagging – if your bed base sags then so will your mattress, putting you at risk of a bad back.

2. If you’ve bought a new mattress – chances are your base and mattress won’t get along if one’s new and the other’s old. Technology moves on in bedding, so an incompatible base and mattress won’t give you perfect comfort.

3. The construction is sub-par – some bed bases were simply made cheaply, and as such won’t last as long as you might like. Buy one that’s a high quality and it’ll stand the test of time.

The relationship between a mattress and a base should be harmonious, both working as a team to make sure you’re extra comfy, which is why we’ve made sure that every base we stock is primed to ensure back support and flexible comfort.

Our True Edge Base is an ideal example. It’s specially designed to be durable, taking the brunt of the impact when you flop onto your bed after a long hard day.

Its supportive timber border complements pocket sprung base, provide you with a little leverage when you get in and out of bed. Adding to this convenience are drawers in the base, giving you extra storage room.

This is just one example of a base that works perfectly in tandem with a mattress, but we think it’s a particularly good one.

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