3 Reasons Why our Mattresses Have an Edge Over the Competition

Do you remember the first time you tried to assemble some flat pack furniture?

Side A1 goes into Rivet B15 which matches diagonally with Screw 75ZE which is placed underneath ZXQ81A and – crikey, how are you supposed to figure all this out?!!!!??

Before you know it, you’ve got a half assembled wardrobe that’s ready to collapse any minute under the weight of your ineptitude.

Now let’s imagine you’ve just purchased a bespoke wardrobe, one crafted with love and care by time-taught professionals.

A delivery driver appears at your door with a perfect piece of mahogany or beech wood and voila – you’ve got a perfect wardrobe, without any fuss.

Our bespoke approach to mattresses is a lot like that voila moment.

Before you make your selection, we ensure that you won’t be disappointed by your purchase.

We do this by making sure that you select a mattress that’s ideally fitted to the way you sleep.

Our ethos is that you shouldn’t purchase a mattress until you lie down on it at least once, because everyone sleeps differently.

This isn’t an ideology that’s shared by many of our competitors. Many of them are more like that fusty flat pack furniture, believing that one size fits all and making the customer do all the leg work.

It’s not the only edge we have over our competition. Here are a few of other way you’ll enjoy a little bit of WOW when you purchase from us.

Advice on your posture

When you visit our store, you won’t walk away with any old mattress. Working alongside you, we’ll discuss how you sleep, and how your posture will be altered or maintained by the various products we stock.

Our expert advice will make sure that the mattress you choose will help you maintain good posture, supporting and contouring your body to keep it comfortable.

guide to good sleepAmazing variety

You can rest on any mattress, sure, but a mattress from us is award-winning – making it much easier to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Accredited by the National Bed Foundation, all the brands we stock are rigorously tested to ensure your 40 winks aren’t compromised.

Whether you choose a Harrison, a Mammoth or a Highgrove, these mattresses contain spring technology designed to improve your posture AND your comfort.

Long-lasting support

Good service doesn’t finish at the shop door.

It continues from the free delivery and installation of your product to the customer support you receive once the mattress is resting comfortably in your home.

That’s why we offer a 10-year manufacturer warranty as standard with our mattresses, to ensure you remain satisfied throughout the thousands of sleeps you’ll be having on your new bed.

These are only a few of the reasons why we have an edge over our competition – if you want to experience them for yourself, then get in touch or pay us a visit.